Zack: Welcome to Mr. Bean's 13th Black Crusade

Steve: These guys must spend all day with their immense boot buckles.

Zack: Three skull eagle shirt is the 41st millenium's equivalent to the three wolf moon shirt.

Steve: You mean that shirt that I definitely bought ironically? I bought that shirt ironically. It is really funny. Not actually a good shirt that I wear because I like it or think it's cool.

Zack: I believe you!

Steve: Because it isn't. It's an ironic shirt. As are my dragon shirts. For humor purposes. That is why I wear them. Ha ha ha.

Zack: What about your Conan shirts?

Steve: No, those are just awesome.

Steve: Or is Conan ironic now?

Steve: I don't know, that MMO game was pretty bad. I think he might be ironic now.

Zack: This is really making me sad, Steve. How can you even question Conan like that? You of all people! What would Krom say?

Steve: Well, first of all his name is Crom not Krom and second of all he would ask me the Riddle of Steel, duh.

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