Steve: There is nothing not awesome in this picture. The only way it could be more awesome is if there were boobs out somewhere.

Zack: It may top the cover for the most Synnibarrian image.

Zack: Steve, one thing I wanted to squeeze in here before we wrap up is the play example. Most RPG games are an exercise in theoretical spaces, so they usual include a little script of what playing the game might be like.

Steve: Those are always super lame.

Zack: No exception here, but the difference with Synnibarr is that the play example spans eight pages and it barely seems like the people are talking to each other. We're running really long on this one so I am going to just randomly select a bit and see what we have:

Steve: As a fire dragon all I need is a little chow and a nice big whip.

Zack: OH! Speed! Chameleon Drake and Trixie have to get over the volcano to talk to Racer X and stop Ninja from spending all his allowance on throwing stars instead of getting some food like Mage got and a pack of something also for the Mach 5.

Steve: Just get me to the darn bullwhip store! This is gonna be the best gaming Saturday ever!

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