Nene (30)

"I bought this albino kangaroo jacket from a second hand market in Iceland. It was so weird that I had to get it! The cap is from Norway.

It's important to look strong - like old women often do.

One of my favourite designers is Daniel Palillo because his clothes are so big."

Dr. Thorpe: Now that Hugo Boss is in hell for designing Nazi uniforms, I bet Satan just sits him down and shows him pictures like this all day long.

Zack: "HA HA HA, Hugo, look at this. She said Daniel Palillo is her favorite designer because his clothes are so big. He makes clothes for Paul Bunyan. HA HA HA."

Dr. Thorpe: I like her little black medical bag. It's full of instruments to skin more yellow labs and bathroom rugs to make her coat ever more menacing.

Zack: It's full of box cutters to protect her from the other hobos standing around the burning oil drum. They covet her stainmaster coat.

Dr. Thorpe: She honed her fashion sense by watching that scene in Empire Strikes Back when Luke sleeps inside the giant dead thing.

Zack: This is pretty much what I imagine the Heaven's Gate people would have worn if they had lived in a colder climate. She's already got the track suit and sneakers on. Now all she needs is a UFO in a comet tail and a nice cot to relax on.

Dr. Thorpe: She's got that glassy-eyed acceptance of death that usually accompanies the death cultist, too.

Zack: "People laugh at my coat and talk slowly because they think I have cerebral palsy, but what does that matter when I leave my flesh-body behind and travel to the Next Level?"

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