"Dr Boner" scoops the tabloids with this gay love scene! I'm always impressed by what people can do with Photoshop! No, really, I mean that. Okay, I'm lying.

Farker "Dimbulb" keeps on trucking! LOL! I hope you get run over by a semi hauling superficial products.

Farker "OurFlint" does an awesome job blending everything together in this winner. To put this in non-computer terms, he put rocks and fruit in a blender and expected to make juice.

"Weaps" pulls out this hilarious joke about the anti-war protesters. You should totally work for Leno! If anything, your gross incompetence would somehow make his hideous show more entertaining.

"YahelC" couldn't let this contest go by without a pig joke! Very good Photoshopping, sir! Allow me set up my monitor on a hill so I can see your imaginative picture at the proper angle.

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