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Reppin': Miso Beno

Where Are You On The Political Compass? - This thread is just more proof that all gun owners are right wing authoritarian nazi assholes who worship Rush Limbaugh and think that Obama is the coming of the anti-christ.

Weapons of Nightmares - Once, I had a dream this machine gun beat my wife and raped my dog after tying me to my bedspread.

Bullet Recovery Thread - With ammunition prices as high as they have become it's absolutely critical to recover your bullets from your victim's faces.

Does it Ever Cross Your Mind? Sleepwalking and Easily Accessible Guns.
- Sometimes I crap in the bath tub and go target shooting in my sleep. Should I be concerned?

Sportsman Warehouse Chapter 11 and Supply Issues - Perhaps they went out of business because they never stocked goods and supplies people wanted?

Delay To Buy A Pistol? What Up Here? - Man, why would the FBI delay my firearms purchase? Was only convicted of possesing stolen property, and I'm only under incitement for drug and theft charges. What a crock of shit! I'm totally an upstanding citizen! 

$4000 TOO MUCH?! Thank you Obama! The 'My first bullpup' - In The Firing Range we advocate total financial responsibility and recommend that every user's finances are in perfect order before making any large weapons and ammunitions purchases. Check out our fiscal usability and responsibility spreadsheet in our next firearms suggestion thread.

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Reppin': Olewithmilk

RUDIGER THREAD RUDIGER ABOUT FORUMS RUDIGER USER RUDIGER ATTENTION RUDIGER - If your new to posting in Helldump then Rudiger will probably tell you to "get out", he doesn't mean anything by it though it's like his job or something.

camantor: owns - rarahragharahgh!!! I read the frontpage but I hate it so I'm going to spend $10 to join the forum to complain about the frontpage that I don't like.

hkr is a gross nerd furry - It's true he is.

mooglyguy will suck your fox dick right off your fuzzy little pelvis - With no word of exaggeration I promise you that mooglyguy is the most disturbed individual on the forums.

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