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Reppin': Final Fantasy Baseball

Best albums of the first half of 2009 - It seems kind of premature to have a best of 2009 thread halfway through the year, but hey. Come post about your favorite albums that you've heard so far this year, but please don't just list them or you will be probated; actually discuss them. This can be a useful thread for finding new music that you haven't heard of if you are willing to expand your horizons and check out some new things.

I am a huge Tool fan. Tell me why I suck. - Some stupid faggot with a "what, just because I'm a WHITE PERSON?" persecution complex thinks everybody wants to hear his whining about why he thinks Tool is the best band in the world. He's inviting you tell to him why he sucks, basically. For the most part please stay on the actual topic of the music.

Katy Perry and her cat Kitty Purry!!! - For the most part I really have no idea who in this thread is kidding and who is not kidding. If you take anything away from this thread, learn that Katy Perry actually has a cat named Kitty Purry.

Shuffle your ipod - Put your music on shuffle and then post about it. Don't just list what it is that you heard, give a score to the songs or just talk about whatever comes to your mind about them. It's not the best thread for actually discussing music with other people, but this forum is called No Music Discussion anyway.

Where do I start with ___ ?" Mk. X - The title is kind of confusing, I'll clear it up: if you don't know where exactly to start with an artist or band, you can ask for a recommendation of a starting point here. This thread has been around for a while but I don't think that I've pointed it out before, and it could be useful.

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Reppin': Olewithmilk

Head of Minutemen group bravely defends US from 9 year old Mexican girl - Dog the Bounty Huner's wife takes her own brand of justice to Arizona.

Investors Business Daily: "Chavez's War On Free Trade In Peru" - Imagine Hugo Chavez as the Hamburglar but instead of stealing burgers he steals democracy from South American countries. Imgaine this and realise THIS IS WHAT CONSERVATIVES ACTUALLY BELIEVE.

current death toll from FoxNews shooters: 7 - FoxNews is a form of hate speech.

[IRAN NEWS] [IMPORTANT] interior ministry's electoral data is impossible - Read this if you like to pretend to give a shit about other countries to friends or relatives.

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