~*~ General Bullshit ~*~

Do you think that one day, humans will abandon religion? - Internet atheists test the facts!

Pepsi Throwback (and Mountain Dew) are out, taste the sugar. - Any time a snack is modified in any way, it makes itself available for intense scrutiny.

Swine Flu: We're all going to die! - I already want to die, can Swine Flu help me achieve my goals?

THE fat people thread. - Your one-stop-shop for the world's worst shit

Man With MicroPenis Tasered Repeatedly - Please enjoy this video of me

~*~ FYAD ~*~

must love horses - 22 (Battery Park) - The greatest thread you've never read

sunday is the lord's day - Now playing: Darude - Sandstorm

Space Idiot in the Fourth Dimension - So long, Space Idiot!

serious thread:whats a good way to dig into gravel - Yeah lets plant a tree in some rocks, great job!

GBS: gray aliens are steampunk machines and the universe is like adult swim - GBS watch!

~*~ Serious Hardware / Software Crap ~*~

Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty now released (torrents inside) - Do a Thing

Laptop Bags! - Messenger bags more like Nerd Purses

The Linux Questions Thread, SCO non-infringing version - Question: Why won't girls talk to me?

The IT Certification Megathread - The next best thing to nepotism! - I just got my CCNA and a guy in a dumpster laughed at me!

Post your (actual) desktops! - Anime babe wallpapers galore

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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