~*~ FYAD ~*~
Reppin': liquidator vrunt
"FYAD is the cool place to hang out. You can find most of the cool people there. In FYAD you can just chill and do whatever and totally relax. "Take it easy" is the FYAD motto, for example, that's how laid back it is there. Show up if you want to have a good time. Another good reason to show up is if you want to hang out with friends." - C. Cardigan

i just planted some BIG BEEF tomatoes - The big beef tomato thread is back and there are even more pictures! Click this thread if you are interested in any of the following key words: tomato, tomatoes, beef, big, plant, planting, garden, gardening, pictures, corsair, vegetable, salad, fyad.

new demoniusx youtube - YouTube is cool again. If you didn't get enough DemoniusX videos from the last couple threads here is one more. Be sure to vote on these videos; YouTube thrives on participation.

A retraction and an apology... - Loveable fyad freakshow dans has a confession to make. Now I want him to apologize for conspiring to deface wikipedia and undermine the values of the wikimedia foundation.

olhado's imaginary date cancelled on him - We've got a name dropped in the first post as well as in the thread title, its no surprise this hit 6 pages. If you scroll fast and just look at the pictures of girls and screenshots of funny posts from different threads then you'll reach the end in no time.

helldump covered it but i'm discovering it for the first time - Asperger fatman gets trapped in Tron-world and its up to helldump to save him. Click this and start lolling.

General Bullshit > The one thing you would teach the world... - Get a load of the GBS forum. These guys are seriously dumb.

Good books to help ignore the parents for an excruciatingly long car ride - This thread was moved from the book forum. Thank you, maxnmona, for keeping your library hangout clean and filling fyad with trash.

kool pix - Who wants to type out words when you can just use pictures? Laugh till you drop in this image-heavy thread (unless you have 56k, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha).

The Beatles - This is the only funny thread that's been posted all summer, perhaps all year. Todd Forklift is probably going to quit posting in fyad so he can troll other forums full time, but we'll always have the memories.

~*~ No Music Discussion ~*~
Reppin': Sir Tonk
Who doesn't like music? It's me. I'm the guy that doesn't like music.
That was a lie and I apologize.

They were HOW OLD?? - Remember when Britney Spears was underage? Those were the dark days of pop. Read this thread instead and get a nice helping of NAS and Bright Eyes.

Excellent opening lines. - "As I listened to my iPod on shuffle" or "that thing my old CD player did where it played the first ten seconds of every track"

Screw drawing. Spit a verse everyday - You heard the man, put down that crayon and grab a mic.

Tokyo Police Club sign to Saddle Creek - Resident NMD goon's band has hit it big, all the news right here. He'd reply, but they're in the middle of a tour. (Tour dates are in the CC)

Music to Scare your Friends and Family - Since Halloween is right around the corner, here is a thread full of scary music. Not Alanis Morissette scary, Mike Patton scary.

Clutch is a really cool band - This week's "band to listen to" thread is brought to us by consistent NMD contributor a horse of course. I had always thought Clutch was another numetal band, I sure was wrong.

[Houston] July-October Concert Depository - Oh look, someone made a spectacular thread with all the information a live music lover in Houston could ever want. What a wonderful person he/she must be.

~*~ Post Your Favorite ~*~
Reppin': Women's Rights?
Post the number of days it's been since the last time you got rugburn. Post what you think your cat has named you inside that cute little brain of his. Post your favorite Ghostbuster. Post your favorite picture of your mom dressed like a racial stereotype while holding a dog up by its hind legs.

Congrats, you just won millions in lottery! What now? - Because fiscal responsibility is for losers.

Post Your Favorite places to go on first dates - So many goons think a bowling alley is the best place to go. So many goons are incredibly wrong.

Who is the greatest villain? - Everyone knows it's Chairface Chippendale and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. He could kick Sephiroth's ass.

OFFICIAL PYF PARTY THREAD FOR THE NEW MILLENIUM! - Apparently by "party," ScootsMagoo really meant "post a bunch of emoticons."

~*~ The Goon Doctor ~*~
I got this gnarly gash on my leg and it's throbbing and now my head is all swollen up and I look like the redhead dude from that movie Mask. Should I seek medical attention?

Green Teeth - Ahden_Lundsson has a really gross problem (pictured above). Could there be a downside to eating your spinach other than swollen forearms?

Cat bit my finger - TRISHY has a naughty kitty. Who's a naughty kitty? Who gave Mommy an infected finger swollen with pus?

A scar that won't heal? - Crawling in flunitrazepam's skin, these wounds they will not... okay it's not that bad yet. But if your annoying leg mark didn't go away after a few years, wouldn't you feel pretty depressed too?

Viagra vs Cialis - Please Help - The Wispy Scoundrel claims that his equipment is in normal working order, and that he just wants some medication for a little "boost" in bed. Nice try pal, but we all know your terrible secret: you couldn't resist replying to those junk e-mails and now you're stuck with ED meds!

Codeine - Insanoblan is reacting rather strongly to codeine, which he claims started when he "drank this glass of Pepsi." He thought he could hide a seemingly common word in his post, but everyone knows he's sippin' on that purple stuff.

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