ohnoitschris posted:

Quite literally, the skin underneath my penis' head is splitting apart. This reveals raw skin, which hurts like all hell if anything touches it. The skin around the splits is shinier and smoother than the rest of my shaft, though it doesn't hurt.. It tends to get a bit better if I don't use it, but my girlfriend is in town and I don't want to let it go to waste. There's also a slight red rash on the head and on one spot on the shaft (not connected to the head's underside), but it doesn't hurt; so I'm not too concerned about it. It appeared a long time after my splitting problem.

I've tried masturbating with lotion, but it doesn't help the problem at all; it just burns my raw skin spots. Sex doesn't hurt as much as masturbation, but it does sting a little. I've had this for two months.

Are there any over-the-counter medications I can buy? I don't really have a way to go see a doctor right now, because I don't have any health insurance or money.

mustaphab posted:

I have always wondered how long it takes each of you to poop? I honestly have friends that can do it in 1 - 2 minutes. I don't know how its possible to empty all your bowels in that time. If you don't empty it, how do you manage to just drop 1 poop and leave the bathroom as if it doesn't bother you and feeling comfortable to go on with your day?

I can't sit less than 30 minutes when I do. I have to empty all my bowels and at the end I keep pushing and pushing until I am sweating enough and nothing is coming out then I am done.

linus the bear posted:

I've only been with one chick, so forgive me if this is common, but when I started penetrating my girlfriend, I'd get a little bit less than halfway in, and then I'd have to push in a lot harder in order to get all of the way in. It only was necessary during the initial insertion or whenever I pulled out and went back in. Is that common? What's the deal with that? I don't mind it, I was just wondering what that's about.

Also, I'm kind of a chunky guy, but I'm not too bad, I've just got a big beer gut. Anyway, I have a big pad of fat all around the base of my penis, which hides about an inch to an inch and a half of the length unless it's being pushed back. I'm on a weightloss plan in order to lose overall weight and to try and get rid of all of that fat, but when I'm penetrating a chick deeply, is my length being hindered by the amount of fat at the base, or is pressing up against her enough to push the fat away and allow for all of my dick to go inside her?

It's a good incentive to lose weight though.

Akaikami posted:

I have a quick question. I've recently started dating a girl who was slightly bigger than the average girl I date (I love everything about her) and I'm just wondering the best way to please her that would be comfortable for her. She's not that big (only 5'2" and 161 lbs or so) but she does have some extra meat above/around the extremities which might prove difficult to work with.

I'm not a big dude, only 5'7" and like 155lbs. I have yet to try anything with her as of yet, also...should I be somewhat concerned with her weight a little bit? I just think that if she did lose some extra weight she would look absolutely fucking gorgeous and her looks would match her amazing personality and extremely cute face. I've never dated a bigger girl like this but I love everything about her so far and I don't want her to think that she needs to change for me or to appease me.

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