GI Joe Dirtbag posted:

You're such a fucking pussy. Cry about TFR in one forum and warm up to us in another. Go ahead and act like you're anti-gun to warm up to fedallah/sax but you're still a fucking pussy. HURR I LOVE GUNS BUT I'LL ACT LIKE I DON'T FOR INTERNET SUPERSTARDOM. Derp, TFR is full of idiots I'm the only sane one there so like me FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LIKE ME. I'm the glue that holds them together despite getting multiple probations/bans from the mods there. I know things about guns guys! More than you! I'll tell you you're a faggot if what you think isn't exactly what I think, like FUCKING UNDA FOLDAHS!

Just get banned over and over and over you fucking oversensitive faggot. You are the most worthless poster this forum has ever seen. Christ, Lurrky tries harder than you do. You just shift personalities from place to place to get accepted from subforum to subforum but you're still the same racist shithead asshole. At least I know who I am and I don't feel the need to suck up to people I disagree with for e-cred.

The only reason they keep you around is that they know they can count on another $25 every time they ban you. You're fucking pathetic
GI Joe Dirtbag posted:
I invited my friends to my fourteenth birthday, but none of them came. I seem to recall they all went to my other, more popular, friend's birthday party (we shared the same birthday). So I had my mom give me money and take me out to Toys "R" Us. I used that money to buy my own presents. We returned home and I wrapped those presents. I baked my own birthday cake. I put fourteen candles in that cake and lit them. I sang "Happy Birthday to You" to myself. I announced, "This birthday is a sham."
burned my hat posted:
I have a very personal relationship with IRC. Though I rarely log on anymore, I still feel the warmth and comfort, practically for over 4 years all I did was IRC every day, minimum of several hours.

I met so many great people, had so many laughs, now I look back and are those days gone? Certainly.

Now I look at facebook, myspace and I can't help but wonder where are my REAL internet friends, they are still on irc, but I just cant bring myself to load up that client. So many good memories, mixed with bad ones means that my silly-string like conscience had to and must /part for the final time.

Good bye to all my irc friends with whom I shall never /query again.
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