soag.242 posted:

How easy is it for me (as a foreigner) to get have sex with Japanese women while holidaying in Japan? I'm going there on exchange for six months and really, REALLy like Japanese girls and would like to have to chance to experience some "oriental flavor" if you know what I mean.

I've been to Thailand before and Thai girls were really easy, i didn't sleep with any at the time because I was still a Virgin and honestly was probably a bit nervous, and I really regret it now. I've since had a girlfriend so i'm not worried, and was wondering what sexual norms were like in japan - for example are one night stands in night clubs common? Will Japanese Girls like me more because I'm a whitey foreigner? When I was in Thailand girls would come up and hit on you - will the same thing happen in Japan? I'm quite shy and probably wouldnt hit on girls if it was left up to me. Also I have quite a hairy chest, will they lik this because it is exotic and manly or would I be better to shave it off first?
John Hopoate posted:
Recently I made this post:

No no no, I'm not claiming that it's particuarly funny, even on SA only about 1% of posts are truly LOL-worthy and I'm not saying that I'm some sort of comedy genius. Just think of me as just another SA user who's a little worried that a mod or admin is going to take something that he said too seriously. Humor plays on our insecurities, in the modern world these insecurities include politically incorrect beliefs and concepts. In real life I almost always receive a positive response from people when I say extremely offensive things in a deadpan sort of way, people understand that I'm being at least semi-sarcastic.

This is the part of the forum rules that has me worried:

I Hate Speech: Offensive terms such as "faggot" or "nigger" may or may not be bannable based on context of the sentence. If they were meant as humor with absolutely no offensive slurs meant, the user may not be banned or probated. This rule is completely, 100% subjective and is based on the mod reading the post at the time. Use at your own peril.

Have you ever watched "Chappelle's Show" or seen any modern comedy routine for that matter? The jokes that we tell at our "own peril" are amongst the most amusing. I really don't want to be worried about some hypersensitive American mod (I'm not actually thinking of anyone in particular, if I'm being paranoid please reassure me that I shouldn't be) banning me for telling a sexist or racist joke in good humor.

Another problem is that when I try to be serious in D&D and express potentially offensive views. As some of you may know I have a distaste for Islam without holding a personal dislike towards most of the people who practice it, a very large percentage (perhaps a majority) of people in Western countries feel the same way and I in no way hold an extreme point of view on the matter. The problem is that people who disagree with me attempt to construct my views as "racism" presumably because it's an implicit way of saying that i should be banned for disagreeing with them. This anti "hate speech" rule can severely impede the honest discussion of certain controversial issues, it deprives us of the opportunity to have an emotionally and intellectually honest discussion.

The rule as it currently stands strongly implies that we should be worried about using potentially offensive humor, my preferred alternative would be to totally scrap the sexism and racism rules in favor of selectively banning only unfunny people who express racial supremacist views.
MrButterpants posted:
Only because our methods of war are handcuffed by political correctness. If we wanted every iraqi removed from the face of the earth it would have been done a long time ago.....but noooooooo we feel the need to play high school guidance counselor, making everyone feel good about themselves by assigning jobs and responsibility that will never endure even a decade once we're gone.

Controlling the wills of a populace by force, even with the greatest intentions (lol oil lol) never works. Close the US borders, remove the suspected terrorist collaborators, fuck outsourcing by investing in US based businesses regardless of the cost and leave the savage races to themselves.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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