halonone posted:

Not really caring that I will seem racist for this statement, I'm not personally interested in further trashing up America. I don't know how populated YOUR area is with Mexicans, but the last apartment complex I lived in ended up becoming riddled with them, and it was a fucking nightmare. My fiance at the time couldn't even walk to the goddamn mailbox without feeling like she was on display for 20 of them. Fuck that. I'm all for people trying to better themselves, but these people are simply moving here to "get by" on low income jobs, making the area look equivalent to a huge fucking white trash trailer park.


I don't want to LIVE in a fucking trailer park nation. What makes me better than them? The fact that I don't want to live like a fucking roach. I have ideas, and goals, ambition, and the drive to be a successful human being. And if it was feasible, I'd be content with kicking out the fucking trailer trash too. And human suffering? Maybe I need to make a trip to Mexico, because I can't really imagine how much worse their lives were there than the fucking squalor they surrounded themselves with in our area.
Brick Hardmeat posted:
I've never met a cripple that didn't want to be called a cripple or "wheels" or something normal. It's frustrating to be seperated from the herd because idiots have to use "inclusive" language.

This PC shit where we treat them like children is repulsive. They're grown fucking people, and they know their situation isn't going to magically improve because over-sensitive granola twat tells them they're not dudes with severed legs, they're Magically Fortified with Vitamin (dis)AwesomeBilities.

And as a fattie, I have to respect goons for having the decency to not use the idiotic words husky, big boned, plump, "healthy", or any other euphamism for me having bitch tits.
Lando posted:
Political correctness, ie: asian american, african american, etc. Either you are american, or you arent. You cant pick both. races are: black, white, hispanic, asian, etc. Anything having to do with double standards. Such as, women demanding to be treated equal, and then they are. But they will still use their gender to get away with shit no man could. Same for the race card.

Anything and everything having to do with the rap/R&B/ghetto black culture. No your underwear arent cool to see, neither is watching you act like a fucking hoodlum or ghetto fabulous. Any use of the word NIGGER. Whether as "nigga" or "nigger". If you want some fucking equality then stop using it. No its not ok cause youre black.

Whites/anyone acting like the usual other race, For example, Wiggers. No youre hillbilly farm living ass is not black nor from the ghetto. Stop.
NitrusOxyde posted:
NO really... I don't get it. I just can't relate. I need someone to explain how all this music has become so popular.
This is why I'm hot [2x]
This is why [2x] Uh
This is why I'm hot (Uh)
This is why I'm hot [2x] Whoo
This is why [2x]
This is why I'm hot

I'm hot cause I'm fly (fly)
You ain't cause you're not (Mims)
This is why [2x]
This is why I'm hot [2x]
How is this so popular?
OK I WILL EXPLAIN MYSELF. Until tonight, I was attempting to be an amateur DJ. I say amateur because all I really do is play music I like to listen to. Originally I started at a sports bar that a friend of mine worked at. It was great, and I met a lot of cool people. Then the owner of a club approached me and said he wanted me to DJ at his dance club. I thought it sounded great! $200 a night to play music at a dance club where I drink for free.

Did I mention I'm white?

The owner said he didn't want any Rap or Hip Hop music.... Which wasn't a problem because I don't listen to a lot of it. I never had requests at the sports bar, so I never paid attention. Well... things didn't go so well. Turns out the owner was using me to "run out" the crowd that was starting fights at his club. It worked well. The (lets be honest here) thugs left, and all the people that just wanted to dance came out.

For a while. People constantly requested rap and hip hop. Several times guys came up to me and said they wanted something "black". These men were usually black themselves, and quite a bit bigger than me.

Well. The alternative/techno kind of club didn't last long. That club is officially dead. Tonight a girl came up and demanded I play rap. I said I couldn't and she started insulting me because I'm white. She was drunk and for some reaosn I thought I could talk her down out of the booth. I told her I couldn't relate, cause I wasn't a hip independently wealthy black guy.

Bad move.

Her friend came in. Named "TEESHA". I asked Teesha, who told me to call her T, to have her friend leave. She didn't. The orginal girl kept berating me. At this point another guy was at the booth and watching. I told them that I couldn't play the music they wanted. She kept getting violent towards me so I got on the mic and started to ask a bouncer to come in. The girl grabbed the mic, threw it at the LCD and cracked it - broke the mic - and poured a drink in the mixer.

I did what all bar employees do, grabbed her by the elbow and said "time to go". At this point, the 300 pound black guy proceeded to pound the hell out of my "racist ass".

So I will simply say - why can't people have fun if shitty music isn't playing?
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