Gunslinqer posted:

The thing is, this is life ppl.. This thread originates from what makes us human..
The remorse and regrets of our lives are actually the very things that makes this excuse of an existence worth cooping with. As some of you pointed out, changing the past or the future would be meaningless for the obvious reasons, and I for one think, that any speculations regarding the past and the contents of the future, only will prolong the delay of you actually starting to fully enjoy living in the presence(The Only place true happiness ever existed).

There will be plenty speculations and second-guessing on your death-bay's..
KarlPolanyi posted:
I know why there are more libertarians than Marxists on D&D. Posters here tend to be the "sophisticated" type who pride themselves on rejecting what the majority of the populace take as common sense and the views espoused by punditry. However, being "sophisticated" and "reality based" types they accept uncritically the views of the intelligentsia. This leads most threads to be a left of (U.S.) center liberal circle-jerk . Going gaga over the intelligentsia is impossible for Marxists. Not only is it inherently idealist, alot of its specific manifestations show no appreciation of social and historical context Marxists focus upon. Note the bizarre conception of science as a magical force for good, disembodied from society, which is popular on this forum (and as far as the point Elotana is implying goes, we can stop here). However, there is a sense in which consistency in these liberal ideas at least seems to demand libertarianism. So, among every group of "sophisticated" liberals, there will bea few libertarians.
The Paradol Examiner posted:
I've never really understand why driving drunk should be illegal in the first place. If you end up hitting or hurting someone then that's a whole other thing and you should be brought up in charges, but driving drunk and not bothering anyone else is as victim-less of a crime as smoking weed. Sorry you got caught.
Bulkyone posted:

I'm not talking spandex here, i'm talking at a skatepark. A couple of weekends ago we all rolled together in my car (a 2003 corolla hatch) down to our local skatepark. ...

One of the boys i skate with was going to a cowboy party that night, and had just purchased from a shopping centre up the road two old style smith and wesson plastic guns revolvers with orange caps in the end (in other words, you guessed it, toy guns.)

We were having a bit of a get together that night, so in the car were :- 2 slabs of beer, half a dozen empty beer bottles, an open 3/4 bottle of rum, an out of date rego sticker. I didn't have my license on me, my car was parked accross a gate (which has never ever been used as fas as i know) and my front tyres were probably not road worthy.

My problem was this, while he was taking my details, the chick was staring off into the distance, and he had his back to me and was writing in a notebook. What is the point of responding to a call (there were 5 of us) with two police who aren't going to take the situation seriously. I know you'll say "they identified you as harmless" but seriously, not playing internet tough guy, i could have grabbed his gun, taken out the chick and him before either of them realised they'd been had.
vorgen posted:
I'm probably going to get shit for this, but it actually makes me happier to hear that the war really was about oil. In my armchair general strategy gaming mind, the only good reason for investing a nation's resources in a war is to get more resources. Throwing people's lives and money away in some sort of ideological crusade is stupid, as is pre-emptively disarming countries on the other side of the world. But securing resources to further strengthen your nation? That's what armies were MADE for.

I guess people will probably ask me how I can possibly consider exchanging the lives of our children/brothers/fathers/etc for oil. Its not that hard guys humanity has been able to make that decision for all of recorded history, and they always make the same one. I don't see any army-less countries around these days any more than I have read about any in history. And they all use them for the same reasons. Why is the United States supposed to be any different?

I'm not happy that it seems to have not worked. I mean, where's all the oil we're supposed to have now? I don't see gas prices going down.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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