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For a short while I worked at a gas station. one night on a graveyard shift at about 3AM two girls--probably 16-18 come in (way past curfew). They spend about 15 minutes shopping around. Which means one thing; they are paying in change. Fine, I don't care. They bring up some items to the counter, i ring them up tell them the price. They make me take off the doughnuts and I do. I tell them the new price and the bitch in the "Eat Me" hoodie tosses a shitload of pennies, nickels and dimes on the counter. I start counting it out, organizing it into neat piles so I can re-count as needed. The "Eat Me" girl is being sassy, sighing, rolling eyes and all that jazz.

I get it counted out and say "alright, you're good to go." To which Eat Me says "gimmie a quarter" as she glances at a pile of pennies. And I say in matter-of-fact way "No." She looks at me like I just told her "no" --which I did. I start putting the change into the cash register ignoring the girl. "what? I want a quarter you have to give me a quarter!" and I reply that I don't "have" to give her anything, I probably "should" give her a quarter, but I wasn't going to. She huffs and puffs and says "why? I'm not going anywhere till you say why!"

I ignore her.


Sigh. "Because you're rude and you didn't help me count out the change."


"No." (I'm sorry, but I get paid utter shit at that job and I don't take peoples shit. just because I'm a fucking gas station clerk doesn't mean I AM NOT HUMAN. Respect is a two way road, I don't give it till I get it).

She sits there for a few seconds, anger building. I keep putting the change into the register.

"I don't HAVE to help you count change, and you never asked anyway, that's bullshit!" She said.

"It is a common courtesy to help count out the change." I replied.


"It wouldn't be a 'common courtesy' if I had to ask now, would it?"

At this point I'm starting to get pissed off. I'm out of "asshole mode" and into "PISSED OFF Mode"

Now is when she starts screaming and cussing me out. I don't remember much, except her calling me names as she walked out and me calling her a "stupid fucking cunt" as she was walking out--just in time for me to pick up a penny from the pile I was still trying to put away and throw it at her as she was leaving the far door. I missed, it hit the window. *shrug* I'm just glad I didn't hit her friend, I would have felt bad.

She came back in a few minutes later, doing the obvious "I want to talk to your Manager!" Whatever, I don't give a shit if I get in trouble. But, to do that would appease her, and that's not my style.

"She's not here, you can come back between 6AM and 2PM to talk to her."



"what? get her on the phone now."

"Nope." As you can see, I'm back in "Asshole Mode"-- which is my prime working mode at that job.

I ignore her and walk away from her, she goes to the other person working the shift with me and tells her to "GET THE MANAGER ON THE PHONE NOW" The girl I was working with walks to the register and grabs one of those "comments? Questions?" Cards placed there for,well, comments and questions. She gives it to Eat Me and she storms out. I spent the next few minutes standing at the window just in case the little cunt decided to do something to my car. Then I went back to doing inventory.

The sad part is people are like that all the time. I get flipped off, cussed out, shot attitude at least 5 times a day. Guy's try to fight me when I ask for the ID of the people in the car (store policy and it keeps me from getting fined/sued/jailed/arrested/fired) with them that are obviously too young to be smoking/drinking. Especially the 15 year old girls in the back smoking cigarettes trying to be cool.

I don't work at that gas station anymore. I quit at the end of my shift when I worked Graveyard on the 4th of July. two people tried to fight me that night. One, because I caught him stealing. the other because I asked for ID. then guy got some attitude about how we ask for everyone's ID including people in the car and I said that he didn't have to come here. he got all pissy and told me "to come out side so he can fuck me up." I told him to get the fuck out and never come back. then he threatened to call the cops on me. I said told him I would as well. then he sat in his truck for a few minutes trying to mad-dog me.

please don't be a dick to the people working at convenience stores. you don't know their situation, so don't talk down to them either. Everyone needs to make money, somehow.

edit: i worked retail for a total of about 9-10 years. So I've had my fair share of just about everything.
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