We began our journey through the horrible mods available for Bethesda's Oblivion about two weeks ago. In our first installment we looked at a collection of useful additions to Oblivion ranging from various beards and mustaches all the way up to hover bikes and Master Chief. In the second installment we took a long and painful look at the myriad sex-related mods available for Oblivion. Today, our journey concludes with a trip to the darkest corners of the Internet, where inscrutable Japanese modders have created some of the strangest and least useful mods available for the game.

In my own attempt at homage to the creators of the mods found in this installment I have taken my comments for each image, translated them to Japanese, and then translated them back. These comments have only been edited in the aftermath of this process where words were not translated fully.

Before we begin, I must once again extend my thanks to RobTG and Wise Old Hitachi, who discovered the majority of these horrible mods. I also must thank giZm, Grundma, Gutrot, Hellburger99, Ogniem I Mieczem, onimonkii, seizurelater, slo, Somberortron, and Trench Foot. You are the collective wind beneath my creepy and probably masturbating wings.

Start is pretty good, that video game woman present.

Hello, it's man. At least he is pretty man.

Pretty blue eyes sparkle rock and roll!

Not appreciate, Christopher Lambert woman.

Flying, just underwater...nudes.

Lady midnight pose with cyclops with machine guns. Sensual?

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