Zack: Yeah, I think. There's also a diagram here of a symbol you need to draw on the floor. It's sort of like a Jewish star, you know that?

LD_angel8ys: yeah dana is jews

Zack: Yeah, it's like that, but take one point off the star and then that forms like a five-sided shape in the middle. Then you put like a combination between an eye and a question mark for the pupil in there. Sort of a hook shape.

LD_angel8ys: i dunno????

Zack: I'll draw it, hang on.

LD_angel8ys: never seen that before

Zack: It's a little weird. Okay, then it says SING THE SONG INTO THE VOID and it has some weird shaped letters.

LD_angel8ys: wtf

Zack: Then there's a picture of an egg floating in front of part of a skull and some nostrils and some grass or something growing out of the corner and an arrow pointing from the grass to the egg.

LD_angel8ys: im lost

Zack: I think if you read the words it puts the grass into the egg somehow. The nutrition maybe? I don't know.

LD_angel8ys: can u draw it?

Zack: It's more complicated, but let me try.

LD_angel8ys: WEIRD

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