Wait until this sucker divides and migrates!LD_angel8ys: i only got one neck and two boobs

Zack: That is a good point.

Zack: Ah, okay, here we go.

LD_angel8ys: what?

Zack: Get a pen or something. It's pretty long.

LD_angel8ys: ok got it

Zack: It's called CHESTGROW and it starts with a list of things you'll need.

LD_angel8ys: ok ready

Zack: It says you'll need a workspace that includes a hard, flat surface and accurate scales.

LD_angel8ys: i can use the kitchen

Zack: Good. A mortar and pestle.

LD_angel8ys: huh?

Zack: I think you can get it at GNC. It's like a bowl and a hammer. In fact, just put down a bowl and a hammer.

I think I saw some similar stuff floating around a garage sale at a wizard's tower.LD_angel8ys: ok

Zack: An alembic.

LD_angel8ys: i dont have that.

Zack: I think that's like a tea kettle. I think that would work.

LD_angel8ys: is that all of them?

Zack: There's like a list of ingredients then. It says, camphor, cinnabar, potash, sulfur, tin, aether, and something called aqua regia.

LD_angel8ys: I don't have any of those.

Zack: Just best-guess it from the spice rack. I think aether means a feather and aqua regia is a fancy word for water.

LD_angel8ys: ohhh ok

Zack: One egg. Going to also need some chicken and a goat. Doesn't say how much.

LD_angel8ys: to eat?

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