Seems like just about every other site these days is publishing a list of must-follow funny Twitter accounts. Naturally, we do the same thing in a way via the Twitter Tuesday feature, but I felt it necessary to call out a handful of devastatingly funny Twitter folks who tend to fly under most radars and only onto the screens of nerds like myself who spend too much time on the thing. We've all perused those lists on other sites, but most of the ladies and gentlemen you're about to see aren't found on other lists because they're a little obscure, too niche, play a little blue, or are just outright vulgar at times-- SA has all of those things in common, so it's fine.

Also, in order to hopefully not repeat myself too much, I tried to avoid listing SA writers and contributors, as well as folks who are commonly featured in Twitter Tuesday. If you're a regular enough SA reader and you have any interest in Twitter, you probably already follow all of them in the first place. And if you don't, now's a good time to go explore previous Twitter Tuesdays. The following list is in no particular order. They're each as important and special and visually stunning as the last. That means if you look at any of the list, you have to look at all of it. Sorry, that's the rules. (Also, yes, I know I'm missing a LOT of people. There will probably be a part two sometime.)

@KenJennings - This infinite-time Jeopardy! champ isn't just beauty-- he's got the brains for jokes, too!

@jakefogelnest - Radio, TV, and podcast hero, not to mention level 69 music and pop culture wizard.

@BESTPORNCOMMENT - An ongoing collection of comments posted on porn videos. No more watching all those icky nude bodies to get to the good stuff.

@TriciaLockwood - Some of the sharpest wit you can find on a computer. And poetry, too!

@ChuckGrassley - Regardless of your politics, it's pretty enjoyable how completely inept Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa is at Twitter. 

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