Ever since I registered a new ICQ account (no, I'm NOT going to tell you the UIN or name!), I've had total freedom over my personal description in it. As a result, it's been easier to pull the raw, primal idiots into my pranks. Since I've grown bored with harassing NIN fans, ravers, spammers, and abusive high school kids, I decided to turn my attention to a new target: amateur rappers / rap fans. I think it turned out quite well. Oh yes, whenever I respond with "Yeah, twice" in this prank, it means I had no idea what the guy was talking about or trying to write, so I would just give him that answer. This prank starts off kind of slow (I had to get the guy's trust) , but really picks up steam towards the middle of it.

Hardcore - yo, sup, you email me?

Lowtax - sup muthah, sup with choo?

Hardcore - shit man, just chillin, relaxin

Lowtax - The werd's up, yo. Shit

Lowtax - So you dig rap, huh?

Hardcore - yeah, s cool

Lowtax - Shit werd muthah. Yeah, I listen to Emananam, Doc Dre, Snoop, Doc Octapus, DMX, all that shit

Hardcore - S cool, s cool... dig DMX too, s hardcore shit

Lowtax - Slinging blocks at phat drops, werd

Hardcore - coo coo.... you checks out da link?

Lowtax - wha yuo talkin bout, dope dawg?

Hardcore - http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Vine/6434/

Hardcore - http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Vine/6434/

Hardcore - http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Vine/6434/

Lowtax - Shit niggah, slow yo roll bizzatchitch! I gots yo link dawg money!

Hardcore - sorry G, ICQ fucked up

Lowtax - tuff page, G. I dig da popup windows, gangstah shittzatag yo

Lowtax - You design dis dope style?

Hardcore - naw, fof

Lowtax - yeah, twice

Hardcore - friend of a friend ya know

Lowtax - shit niggah!

Lowtax - yo, I like how dat page dont got no 411... most pages put info and shittzatahagiz on it, but that aint got none... yo friend of a friend smoking blunts, G?

Hardcore - ha ha, shit

Lowtax - Or is he just some kind of fucking idiot? G?

Hardcore - shit, don't start wit that, I aint like dat

Lowtax - Sorry dawg, didn't mean it. Whos yer favorite rapper?

Hardcore - shit, I gots a lot g... stick with da Bone Thugs, i get on wit 2p, shit like that when im cruisin'

Lowtax - yeah, gotta have fly tunes for da Honda bitztanatch, pick up da hunnies

Hardcore - ha ha, sup

Lowtax - yeah, werd dawg to da fly tip, shit ya know

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