As you can tell by reading the beginning of the prank, I wasn't really in any mood to do one until the person's third or fourth response brought me into it. I've been too busy to devote that much time to finding a real sucker on ICQ, so this was about the best I've gotten lately. It's definitely not my best prank, but some parts might keep you amused until Net Nanny kicks in and bans this site.

SwEeT DeAtH - Hey, Care to chat?

Lowtax - No thanks

SwEeT DeAtH - Fuck ya then

SwEeT DeAtH - Are you some sort of wierdo?

Lowtax - yes

SwEeT DeAtH - good do you have a small dick?


SwEeT DeAtH - David, have you finished playing now?

Lowtax - YEAH, my brothar is palaying games, now I USE THE INTERNET!

Lowtax - my brother is a fag, sorry

SwEeT DeAtH - hehe its ok

Lowtax - whats yuor blimpoed?

SwEeT DeAtH - blimpoed?

Lowtax - yeh, yuo play Firebird Warrior X??? Whats your blimpoed in it?

SwEeT DeAtH - Er.... no i dont have Firebird Warrior X is it any good?

Lowtax - yeah, its the sequal to Mishima Hiro's Parlor, its japanes, you play the japanese games??

SwEeT DeAtH - im into more New games and stuff, Have you played Half life?

SwEeT DeAtH - Its Really good

Lowtax - yeah, I beat that, I found the secret room with the hemogoblins and shot them with the bazooker, that s the game with the voices right? My brother plays all thosse PC games, I dont know much about em, I play em after schoool

SwEeT DeAtH - er...yes, i dont know about the hemogoblins, which ones were they?

Lowtax - the red guys, shoot fire and shit at you, you gotta use the bazooker and blow up barrels next to em, like Jim Bagleaducia's web site (I forget the adress)/ What other games u play?

SwEeT DeAtH - Quake 3 arena, Half Life, Quake 2......etc but most of them weer to easy, im really into emulators right now....i play on my snes alot

SwEeT DeAtH - what sort of stuff do u do with your pc?

Lowtax - you like Japanesse ROMS? My dad works for Nintendo Japan and he gets us shit free, I gots all kinds of japanesse games FOR FREE MUUUUUHHAHAH

SwEeT DeAtH - hehe cool......yeh i know were u can download all those japanese games

Lowtax - not the ones he gets, THEyre new so theyre not on ROM yet, we got so many of them, we have best RPGs!!! I just beat Moonya Taboochi's Wrangler Quest VIII and it is teh best game, better than Shmenu.

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