I just found out an amazing and useful bit of information: conspiracy nuts and UFO freaks will talk about anything if you ICQ them. Add that to the fact that people normally give a lot of leeway to guys who obviously don't speak English as their primary language, and you've got a lot of room to move with ICQ pranks. This is the first one I've ever done that involved me actually reaching out first and contacting the other person, mainly because I've been flooded with ICQ messages every time I become available on ICQ mode, and I don't want to deal with people trying to trick me into pranking them. Look for me to pick on the UFO nuts more regularly from this point on.

Lowtax - Hello, I wrote email to you about Yetis and aliens!

Silver Wolf - You had questions about greys?

Lowtax - Do you have much research with them? Regressed memories? Things like that? I was wondering because I don't know anything!

Silver Wolf - Yes, I know a bit about repressed memories. Mostly aliens / psychic abilities.

Lowtax - Oh, like the television commericial! Psychic abilities

Lowtax - I think I have recessed memories, I sometimes experience flashbacks with bright lights. It is not very good at all

Silver Wolf - Why what happens?

Lowtax - Well, I walk around sometimes in grocery stores and such, when I see big bright light flash and my neck hairs go stand up and I have memories of grey things with big eyes... but its the bright lights! Does that sound like restressed memories? : ( : ( : (

Lowtax - Sorrey about poor English, I am still learneding!

Silver Wolf - Could be about past lives, perhaps.

Lowtax - Oh, how can you tell? It happened to me yesterdy, I was walking in grocery store and had salami and dropped it all over floor and did passed out for about a minute and they called ambulance on me! It was second time it happened this week. : ( : ( : (

Silver Wolf - It can be either one.

Lowtax - Do you know how to tell?

Silver Wolf - Does it happen any other time? Or do you get more or is it always the same?

Lowtax - It happens when I get into dairy aisle... with all the bright lights and I get scared and I just BUMP fall down and drop things on floor like an oaf! Do you think bright lights can trigger it? I have memories of when I was a child in my home in Menudoh (near Russia) and my friend and I were sleeping over and there was bright light and people with large head / eyes...

Lowtax - They saids it was just a picnic, by they lie I think!

Silver Wolf - Make sure you don't look at bright lights then, they can sometimes trigger repressed memories (it sounds like that). It sounds like your brain is associating that with the event.

Lowtax - Oh, I do that now. I put on sunglasses after I pass the deli department, because the dairy aisle is right after that, and that makes it help, you know? I am sorry if I'm not being good enough ICQ partner, but I am nervous and dont know what to say : ( : ( : (

Silver Wolf - Hmm I'm not sure. Do you ever listen to Art Bell or go to www.artbell.com?

Lowtax - NO! He is the astronaut's worst passion!

Silver Wolf - What?

Lowtax - Art Bell is the awful man, a terrible little man with vengefulness in his heart!

Lowtax - Sorry, English is not "the best".

Lowtax - I met Art Bell in convention once! He was shaking hands after the convention, and miss approached him with a young baby! Very young baby! Mr. Bell grabbed the baby and hurled it at the floor with vengence! He was furious!!! He is an awful man, to treat fans in that way!

Silver Wolf - The Art Bell radio show host

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