Hellchick - Okay, you're still not presenting arguments. You see, in order to make a valid point, one must actually debate with reasons to back up an argument.

And one of PlanetQuake's purposes is to host sites that help the community. We do not host everyone and their brother. We turn down about 50 requests for every 1 site we host.

[DnD]0 - so i just go get a life women/////

Hellchick - You make absolutely no sense, you're lacking severely in debate skills, and you make yourself sound as if you drink lead-based paint on a routine basis. If you don't want to come across like that, then you should learn to argue better. Your last message made absolutely no sense. Care to clarify?

[DnD]0 - women working on a Quake site=ugly women//

Hellchick - Hmm, some very strange math there. So instead of arguing intelligently on a topic, you instead decide to degenerate into base generalizations that have no basis in fact and really only make you look inane and moronic, especially when you make the statement not having seen a picture of your subject matter. This is the reason why your site gets little traffic, I would surmise.

[DnD]0 - not really, my site has not even been up for a fucken year and i have a life... i hope planetquake gets a Denial Service Attack on it soon..... PLEASE LET THAT HAPPEN///

Hellchick - Yes, you may have a life, but you're sorely lacking in grammatical and spelling skills. And a beaver with a stunted intelligence quotient could make better arguments than this, though probably only slightly less as amusing. Oh, and I have a life as well. A pretty nice one, too, considering I get paid full time to run a professional website about Quake.

Ahh yes, Denial of Service attacks! The refuge of the unimaginative.

[DnD]0 - i am fucken 13 man... i work for IRI which is based in Italy and make far more money that you do... i get $40,000 every six months...

Hellchick - Hmm, really? Somehow I doubt you'd be getting that much money, if any at all, if they find out that you're traversing the net and insulting people with connections to the gaming industry and saying where you work, thus giving your company a really bad name, and then taking business away from them. Take business away from them, and they can't pay you that sween $40,000 every six months.

[DnD]0 - well, they fucken do man... oh ya i care less what you say because i know you suck because you work for gamespy and you are probley lesibein// or how ever you spell it...

Hellchick - Hmm, nope, not a lesbian, since I'm married, and to a man of all things. And again, since you can't seem to specify your reasons behind your incredibly inciteful deductive reasoning behind someone sucking because they work for GameSpy, I have to say this:

Hellchick - thanks for playing our game, it's been fun, but we have no parting prizes for you. I'm sure IRI will be in touch with you when we let them know about the wonderful work you're doing to promote their image. Better save up that $80,000 a year now, because you'll likely need it!

– Hellchick (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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