I've recently gone through a dry spell with ICQ pranks. I haven't been able to pull off a successful one in about three months or so. One weekend I headed to the place I knew I would be able to encounter a lot of suckers - a football bulletin board. My prayers were answered.

Behind the prank: Originally I intended for this prank to be about a fake and incredibly complex fantasy football league I was in. However, as you'll soon notice, it got steered into a completely... "different" direction.

Chiefs Fan - Hey!

Lowtax - Hey!

Chiefs Fan - Whats up?

Lowtax - Just going through my draft picks.

Chiefs Fan - Cool. You in a FFL?

Lowtax - What's that, some kind of Jetsons fan club?

Chiefs Fan - Fantasy Football League

Lowtax - Ohhhh! Sorry, I'm not good with the inter-net lingo. OLL!

Lowtax - Yeah, I'm in a Fantasy Football League.

Chiefs Fan - Which one? Check out FFLPros? or regional?

Lowtax - Yeah, the FFL, the XWA, the QVC, the POP3, I tried all those but they were boring.

Chiefs Fan - What do you mean? Their all alot alike : )

Lowtax - There's all those rules and stuff. You can't have fun with them. My friends and I got sick of all the complicated rules of the football leagues so we made our own and it's much more fun.

Chiefs Fan - Cool! : ) DO you have a website?

Lowtax - Yes

Chiefs Fan - What is it?

Lowtax - An address on the Internet that is used to store information.

Chiefs Fan - WHat?

Lowtax - A website is an address on the Internet that is used to store information.

Chiefs Fan - No, what's your website adress?

Lowtax - Oh, sorry. It's www.proregionalquarterlyfootballleague.com but it's down right now because my friend is installing SAMoFOS on it.

Chiefs Fan - Dang. I wanted to read more about it : (

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