When going through my inbox, wading through the hundreds of God-awful links people submit, I found an interesting one pointing to a "parenting" site, which dealt with how to raise your children and methods of teaching them. I couldn't help myself; the person who made the terrible page seemed all too ripe for an ICQ prank. Before you ask, I'm NOT giving out the person's email / ICQ / webpage address, because every time I've done it in the past, the victim has gotten spammed to death by the less "mature" readers out there. Fun is fun, but some readers like taking it a bit too far.

Lowtax - Tonka! Yes, hello! I am messagings you about parenting! I speak about parenting!

Colleen - Oh, hello!

Lowtax - Hello Colleen! I reads your information on web-page, I messages you about parenting, we talk, and learn!

Colleen - Oh, okay! I have some spare time this would be fine!

Lowtax - My name is Marioto Luigikawa! I am parent! I am from TOKYO! I have children of two, Myiama and Brad, they aged 7 and 11 respectivly! I read your web-page, message you about talking and child care! We both learn and teach new things!

Colleen - That would be fine.

Lowtax - EXCELLENT! I read your work, you talk about relationship of mother and father in family! Good things!

Colleen - Thanks : )

Most of my writing comes from experences I personally have and I write what I notice in our crazy little house : )

Lowtax - HA HA, nuthouse, your kids will kill you!

I mean, they will be making you insane and not really kill you, English slang? Sorry about English, I am from TOKYO! (not native language)

Colleen - I understand what you mean don't worry about it hun : )

Lowtax - Tonka! Parenting is universal language! We stick together, us parents, we must teach each other and learn, for the kids sake!

Colleen - That's why I have my website : ) So we can pool all our infomation and we can share it all : )

Lowtax - Yah! Excellent idea, I must get on Internet! Make webpage myself, GOOD THINGS!

I write to ask about parenting techniques! I have questions to ask! We talk on ICQ!

Colleen - That's what I'm here for : )

Lowtax - GOOD THINGS TOO! Excellent! You converse on web-page, cover topic of teaching child responsible behavior! What you think?

Colleen - Well I feel that we must verbally communicate with our kids and show them the consequences of every action so they know when they do something that it has repercussions and that way theyll understand responsibility. We need to stress communication more when raising our kids : )

Lowtax - Yah good things! I agree! With Brad we make some mistakes but we don't repeats them with Myiama! We get smarter with experience, understand?

Colleen - Yes, absolutely. We have seven children, so we've had plenty of experience : )

Lowtax - Haa hoo! OUCH, many kids! How old!

Lowtax - TELL ME!

Lowtax - TELL ME NOW!

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