This week we're doing something slightly different: movie posters. I know what you're thinking, "you do movie posters every week." This week, however, the Something Awful Forum Goons recreate many famous movie posters in the classy tradition of grindhouse cinema. No doubt inspired by the new grindhouse movie that just came out, "Kickin' it Old Skool." Also possibly the movie "Grindhouse" itself, but who is to say. I sure won't. While there are still laughs to be had, this is mostly just a collection of really awesome lookin' images. I hope you enjoy.

A dashing gentleman known as spacemountain got things started with this awesome image.

There's no going back for Thackery Lambshead now.

blairerickson promised me he would lose some weight if I posted this.

Murder McMurderson is ready to have a good time, ladies.

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