I finally received another piece of hate mail but instead of consisting of broken English and death threats, this guy took the route of telling me that I crossed the line. What line? Well, apparently the racial one!

HOW DARE YOU MAKE FUN OF THE KOREAN GAME DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY!Hey, I'm a fan of SA and I stumbled on to your article about Goonzu. I know it's pretty late to comment on it at this point, but I felt I had to say something about it. Sure, Goonzu is a pretty shitty game and it's good material to make fun of, but your criticism went too far. It just seemed that throughout your article you were really just bashing Koreans and telling everyone how much you think they suck. You apparantly don't have much background information about Korean gaming either, aside from some obscure mmorpgs made by teams of several vaguely known college students. It's easy for me to say any other country is the anus of the world if I spend all my time looking at their worst shit. Plenty of great games come from Korea, such as: City of Heroes/Villians, Mercenaries, Guild Wars, and Lineage just to name a couple. Also another thing; Grinding is a pissantly annoying factor in mmorpgs, but that's what all mmorpgs amount to these days, hours of grinding. It's a universal factor in all mmorpgs. Complaining about mmorpg grinding in a blog rant is probably the most bland and cliche thing you could do. Not only that, but you attempted to attribute it to only asian mmorpgs, as with all the other things you complained about. How could you expect anything different between an american mmorpg like WoW and an asian mmorpg like GoonZu? You don't have to slap an entire race across the face because you want material for your jokes. Your article really just offended me more than any scarce crumb of comedy could save it. It had it's moments, but it's just yet another generic anime mmo rant from the bloody bowels of SA.

-dae hong

Upon going over this angry block of text, one thing stood out the most: his name. Apparently I had offended this guy by pointing out that most of the bad games I review come from Korea but I had to make sure.

You're Asian, aren't you?


A day later Mr. Hong replied with:

Yep, doesn't my e-mail give it away?

-dae hong

Aha! My suspicions were confirmed and there was only one thing left to do.

Well then please do not make any MMOs. Thanks.


That does it for this bi-week in the MMO Roulette. Please keep the hate mail coming, especially if you live in Korea!

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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