The MR. POWERCHOMP Chronicles with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom that feeling of constant dread... it never ends
Moof: yeah
Livestock: we're trapped and we're never getting out of here alive
Livestock: life is like being on fire while on a boat floating on a sea of gasoline
Moof: yes
Moof: it is
Moof: and you have marshmallows
Moof: to roast
Moof: and songs to sing
Livestock: MR. POWERCHOMP would be a good name for a pac-man clone
Moof: hehehe
Livestock: tom ghosts would be too close to the original
Livestock: i suggest we replace them with pigs
Livestock: tom i honestly had that thought
Livestock: but decided not to go there
Moof: yeah
Moof: it crosses a line
Livestock: a line in the sand
Moof: josh gonna have a statement ready by tomorrow
Moof: an apology
Livestock: glad to hear tom i am proud of you for being on top of this
Livestock: for taking responsibilty
Livestock: for bucking up
Livestock: for owning up
Livestock: to your blunder
Moof: need to do some kind of damage control
Moof: yeah
Moof: it happens
Livestock: also tom it wouldn't make sense for the KKK to be after MR. POWERCHOMP since he is as white as you or i
Moof: i thought he would be blue
Livestock: why on earth would he be blue
Livestock: that's just silly
Livestock: he was always intended to be a member of the master race
Livestock: tom just sold the rights to LADY POWERCHOMP'S MASQUERADE to a Japanese arcade manufacturer
Moof: heck yeah
Moof: namco??
Livestock: can't say
Livestock: signed an NDA
Moof: well i assume i will be getting some royalties
Livestock: tom do you ever see an orange with a scar on it and think "wow i bet that orange is dangerous"
Livestock: because of the scar
Moof: josh
Moof: yes
Livestock: yeah got an orange with a mean gash on it, looks like trouble
Livestock: sweet trouble ;-)
Moof: juicy trouble :)
Livestock: what i'm trying to say tom is that there will be no royalties for you
Moof: why not
Moof: that is my intellectual property
Livestock: i thought i made that clear with my fable about the orange
Livestock: tom you are a fool i invented MR. POWERCHOMP along with YOUNG POWERCHOMP, LADY POWERCHOMP, and HERR POWERCHOMP
Moof: no josh
Moof: i did
Moof: brb going home


Moof: josh
Moof: thought about this a lot on my drive home
Moof: i would be more than happy to relinquish my rights on the POWERCHOMP family
Moof: if you will sign over your half of the captain woofables franchise to me
Livestock: tom i practically wrote the script to captain woofables: the doggone capers myself
Livestock: i can't just give it up
Moof: now you know how i feel about the POWERCHOMP chronicles
Moof: josh really enjoying this map above my bed
Moof: feels like i am living in some kind of virtual google maps computer world
Livestock: tom a map is many things
Livestock: it can be a blueprint of freedom
Livestock: or it can be a cage
Moof: hmm
Livestock: i will leave you with that thought as i eat my orange
Moof: mine is a blueprint of freedom
Moof: i think
Livestock: still eating...
Moof: keep going
Livestock: okay taking a break
Moof: understood

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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