my girlfriend now ex and I together for six years. She was beautiful loving. one day she shaved her head eyebrows told her she was still beautiful. she started keying cars vandalizing houses. shes now with antifa.. democrats ruined her life. im here to save others from that fate

have dated many beautiful girls including arm model. we live at her parent house together.. She was tall and could carry bushels in her stony arms. one day she did not heed a stop sign I told her no big deal. she started to venomize creatures burn down kiosks. she now with antifa.. democrats took her from me. will not rest until she is free

sexy and intelligent doctor lady was girlfriend now ex. I hold door for her like a gentle man. Ten beautiful days in summer. Without warning she bit my hock but I forgave her for it was dark at the time. she team kill me in bug racers with the rocket trick. she now with antifa.. democrats did this to her. my wroth overflow the cup reap the wordworlds

her head eyebrows were so beautiful. antifa democrats took them from me. she said she did not like my battle armor for fights. What will you do when your wife shaved her head eyebrows gI janes. She wear cargo pants instead of tight jean jams. I love her anyway and love is repaid with keying FAT OAF onto car hood. my dear beautiful girlfriend now ex I will save you..

We flee the village to escape antifa presence. all sectors democrats brainwash head bags. Six years wasted cannot get back. Now she calls me a dip shit and ate burger when I talk on phone. once I defeat antifa we getting back together I swear this..

Events pick up speed. Time lapse head eyebrow grow back. seasons change and (A) painted on door of GOP HQ fade away. we all wear fascist armband now and cars unkeyed. I introduce my girlfriend now wife to my parents. head eyes turn black and mouths open and it is bug crawl mouth. Nancy Pelosi head. wake up screaming..

you want this for your wife daughter or mom??? warning sign is head eyebrow shave follow car key act quickly and do not put up with the bull shit. put a guard dog on your property and get a suit of body armor you make to fight antifa. she marry gritty i swear to forever fight as paladin for maga

I will not rest I cannot the crusade begins now

– Max Trump MAGAmang (@sexyfacts4u)

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