XURV's ROOM - You embrace an original, self-created gender identity. You are not genderless, you do not accept the false choice of woman or man, you are the author of an original work and have as much right to a bathroom suited to your needs as anyone else. Comes with a gentle, elderly lesbian man who will ask you what you need and outfit the bathroom accordingly before you enter. Options include bidet, toilet, Greek fountain, wind tunnel, replica pioneer privy, queen's toilet chamber, or over-sized pickle barrel (with diced pickles to prevent trigger).

DIE's ROOM - This bathroom includes a changing table and wasps.

NOPE's ROOM - This is a bathroom for those of you who prefer not to use the bathroom at work but want to feel included in bathroom processes. There are toilets and urinals but they do not function. There are several antique fainting couches available for you to lay down and tweet.

Thanks for having a look and I hope this meets everyone's needs.



– Tamt Hiccum (@sexyfacts4u)

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