Did y'all hear about the immigrants that did a gang rape?

Did y'all hear about the blacks that beat a white man to death?

Did y'all know about that woman who got acid thrown on her face by her islamicist husband?

Did y'all know


Your The Real RacistTM

My name is that jungle sound a predator makes when it kills something out of boredom. Like a mean ole jaguar just rips the face off a turtle.

My turn on is gun.

My husband is gun.

My children, well your darn-tootin' they are gun. This is U.S. of A.

How about you open you're eyes. Why the real Russia Puppet is Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation 9,000 words from a website called TRUTHUSAREPORT.PATRIOT.NET.

I am the most beautiful woman in America. On Facebook. Probably in the world. And I am all woman.

Y'all I am fixing to post up like three recipes about cakes you make in a coffee mug in a microwave and then I'm gonna probably also post up how the Jews are running everything. Oh, I'm sorry, snowflake. Y'all been triggered?

Bad news, libtard:

I have 1,000,000 likes on Facebook. 500,000 of them are senior citizens slowly dying from preventable illness they are mad about being treated by Obamacare. The other 500,000 are from Bulgaria and they all use the same picture of a girl in a bikini. And we put our heads together and we got some pretty good ideas about global warming you're gonna be hearing about a lot.


Still Straight Talkin' About That Birth Certificate

Even Though Now It's More "Joke" References to Those Children Being Sold Out of That Pizza Place

Remember when I said I'm Not Racist and Y'all are the Real Racists? Well here you go, here is proof:

An Article Where The Good Black Sheriff Tells Ghetto Blacks to Take Responsibility for Pulling Up Their Pants. "Pull 'em up," said the good black chief. "Or I'll pull those pants up for you."

It's time to talk about black on black crime and here are nine white people who live in 98.9% white rural districts and live in fear of the Bloods and the Cartels.

We know what's up. We know how to fix this.


– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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