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Quite a looker, isn't she? This one reminds me of Saskatoon, my beloved ol' Persian. She used to love to play dress up, showing off her good looks. I would find her wearing my makeup and hats and feathers, all on her own! It's amazing what cats can do. I wanted to enter her in a show but she was a very shy cat and never dressed up in front of others. Only me. It was her special, loving gift to me. She passed away and is with the Lord now. I'll never figure out how she got in the rice cooker before I turned it on.

Beautiful, isn't it? I never owned a Yorkie, but this one sure does remind me of my sweet, sweet Poodle, Mr. Heckles. He used to curl up next to me and purr the night away. Some bad, bad neighborhood kids got hold of him. They tied chains to his head and to his tail, then attached the chains to their tractors and took off racing in opposite directions. They said they did it for Satan. I wasn't home at the time but I heard about it from a hummingbird that comes by and it made me sick to my stomach. What those kids are capable of, it just didn't happen back in my time.

I'll never forget when I had the good fortune of being parent to a rambunctious litter of kittens. Having all of them around was such a delight. This painting reminds me of what they would have been like if they were all frogs. Having a hoot hanging around a pond, jumping from lily pad to lily pad, and ribbiting the night away. Such a time!

Sadly, that troubled neighbor boy rounded up all the kittens, herded them into a barn, and set it ablaze. It was in the papers I believe, but I don't know for sure. I don't get the paper since the neighbor boy delivers the newspaper, and I don't want him coming in my yard ever. That darn neighbor boy! I'd like to tan his hide for what he's done.

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