The Finger Family

The Youtube channel Videogyan Kids has a hit on their hands with Finger Family. Multiple videos, tens of millions of views, and for some reason all of their videos have a really bad rating. It might be because the concept of every video revolves around the same alarming lyrics about fingers that will have a parent rushing to turn the computer off. Videogyan creates videos about fingering with animated clip art level graphics and music that incorporates sitars and singers with very apparent Indian accents. Skip to about 2:10 and let the particularly ghoulish dog version wash over your senses:

By the way, numerous other Youtube channels are producing similar finger family songs. There appears to be some sort of fingeraissance happening on Youtube.

The Shapes Song

Remember the famous nursery rhyme "Shapes Song"? Oh, you know the one about shapes sung by a drowsy Latino man strumming a guitar while the same loop of a Mariachi trumpet plays in the background. The one about squares and circles that features no rhyming lyrics and terrifying faces. That one.

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