The last time we had a white power forum featured, a couple people were wondering why Something Awful was allowing hatemongers to "spread their message." That's easy, we let them spread it because the message is: "Hi, we are complete fucking idiots." (Well, maybe not exactly that since they don't allow swearing, but you get the idea.)

To hold on to such beliefs in this day and age you've got to be willfully ignorant or the victim of a surgeon leaving tools up inside your brain, and there's no better way to get that point across than letting them speak for themselves.

I feel like I'm losing 10 IQ points per hour reading gems from the likes of "Norseman" and "sbrocker8."

They whine now about "apes" playing sports but I didn't see anyone bitching when Air Bud came out.

Beating the hell out of your kids makes them better people. Thanks for the tip, white supremacy guy!

Somewhere, a Dale Earnhardt shrine went unadmired for a few moments.

Holla if you're down with boots.

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