VBIED Washington D.C., 2013 July or August. Rogue policemen airport attack. Hostage Central America bus into the Treasury Building. Poison ball pit Chuck-E-Cheese Jim Sensenbrenner beast pics. George W. Bush attic pinhole cameras honey on a string asleep locusts. Castor beans ricin on Phish guitarist finger cots pinto beans death gas rock the house with rowdy rips blasting elementary school and seat of pants.

Listen all y'all it's a sabotage landing gear 787 Paris. Golan Heights Mossad UN Syria map hacks during tournament play. Propellant, detonator, fuse, timers, Ted Cruz foot bath. Jill Biden drone evasion spread beav. Chinese water supply DMSO contamination peepee in your coke.

MP7, PDW-57, VECTOR K10, MSMC, CHICOM CQB, SKORPION EVO, DLC adds Peacekeeper. Al Qaeda, Noriega, Rick Ross, July 4th, 2013 the day we take back our planet. Riddick's revenge.

Taint baby strollers with LSD. Trippy tots, hot shots, ROTC, ASVAB, SOCOM VI: The Undiscovered Country. Al-Shabaab wizard hats for FBI field office in San Diego. Lemon cakes. Latin Kings selling e-cigarettes in Kurdistan. Rachel Maddow, Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald spinning in a chair rolling around office going weeeee and laughing.

Forbidden tweets. Hidden menu. Secret sauce. ECHELON, CARNIVORE, DINOSAUR, Dino-sours, Not the Mama dot biz. Claymore? Secret Service device Marine One John Cena Gone Fishin' Joe Pesci wet bandits Shining Path hot doorknob Leon Panetta.

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