The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has been leading the way in the development of robots for the next war America fights. DARPA seems to be pretty certain that America will be sending land-based robots in alongside any other ground forces. From the rubble crawling "LittleDog" to the more than seven-foot-tall ATLAS, things have been getting creepy.

Rather than keep its robotic minions locked up, DARPA and its partners at Boston Dynamics have been posting Youtube videos of various robotic tests for the public to watch.

And quiver in terror.


The ATLAS is an offshoot of the Petman bipedal robot. More on the Petman later. The ATLAS is huge and it has binocular vision and LIDAR to see your heartbeat through walls. Watch it climb stairs and jump. Watch it walk on a treadmill while Boston Dynamics technicians swing a wrecking ball at it trying to knock it off balance. Not even a barrage of terrible electronic dance music seems to phase this remorseless killing machine.


Looking like a handheld vacuum that got a wireless router wedged up its butt, LittleDog is seemingly the least threatening of DARPA's killer robot collection. That is, until you realize that LittleDog is the perfect size to climb into your bedroom through a window and inject you with some sort of paralyzing toxin. God help you if there is a dog door in your house. These things are going to pour in like rats.

Also, why is DARPA so obsessed with training all their robots to walk through rubble? Is it because our future existence is in a world of ruins?

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