BigDog Beach'n

DARPA has been working on BigDog for a few years now, producing video after video of the robotic mule climbing over obstacles and being kicked momentarily off balance. Nothing seems capable of interrupting the unnatural prancing of the prototype, not even a trip to the beach. In this particular video, the hulking robot plays in the surf and bounces around like a golden retriever chasing a tennis ball.

Let your imagination run wild. Picture hundreds of these things coming ashore as tracers whip between beach obstacles. Imagine explosions knocking them briefly out of balance. They stagger back to a fully upright position and continue their march inland. Their fearless march to crush the soft, blood-filled bodies of their enemies.

Petman Tests Camo

This video answers the age old question: What is creepier than a bipedal robot that moves like a Ray Harryhausen skeleton? It turns out, in the case of infantry replacement Petman, it's that same robot wearing a gas mask, boots, and a hooded camouflage smock. The unnerving Petman walks, turns, and crouches while dressed for war.

Coming soon: the same tests where Petman crawls in through a window and holds knives without dropping them. Petman takes off your clothes while you sleep. He draws blood without waking you. It's okay, shhhh, it's just Petman. Going to saw off your face and wear it to fool other humans.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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