DONALD J. TRUMP am RICH Billioms dollars

"your a fat pig rosie you fat pig lady lover... lick a ladies hair pies"

QUESS WHAT.........? YOur fired

Jon mccain more like jon mccain't flying that plane back out of hanoi dipshit

"do you know mexicans? see what I'm saying?"

The media? Are you kibbing me? HYour (their) fired!

Bill cobsby what he did to those women... very mexican... disgusting your fired bill

1. Barack oh, brother is a joke although I like the blacks they are hard workers

2. Hillary clinton is a very nice lady but a terrible president terrible um benghazi much? thanks

3. marclown rubio is a joke

4. "I wouldn't fuck jeb bush with rosi odommels dicks and those dicks... your fired dicks"

B * I * L * L * I * O * M * S

he not sorry he say the truth TRUTH HURTS

more casino hotels with better buffets than all indians combined

5. Chris christie is a fat lesbian disgusting and he ruined new jersey

6. Scott walker is dumb as a pail of piss

7. Ted cruz look like he would surrender to aliens if they landed on earth what a lousy buttfucker

8. HPs brought in carly firoina to keep them alive?? she couldnt even keep her stepdaughter alive STUPID COOZE

9. DID somebody say John kasich? Nope nobody said it goodbye john youre fired

10. miss universe it is wall to wall gash up in here thanks to the donald

YEAH, He WENT THERE deal with it


– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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