Donald Trump continues to lead in the polls and continues to draw huge crowds, despite a rough debate and double-barreled attacks from his opponents. While he has millions of devoted supporters, those same supporters are starting to hold him accountable and ask him some tough questions about his stances on various issues. One questioner at a recent Trump town hall asked, "When can we get rid of Muslims?" Trump was noncommital, saying he would be "looking at a lot of different things." These things presumably include methods for eliminating all the Muslims.

Other trenchant questions you are likely to hear asked at Donald Trump town halls include:

  • God Bless America, I'm a Veteran of the Panama war and the government isn't taking care of our veterans or our police who are being targeted and yet Obama has a dog. What are you going to do to take his dog away?
  • Which disease are they injecting in kids at Jade Helm Walmarts and are you gonna do something about that?
  • When I go to a website or click on an article I want a video to auto play on a news story but on some websites you gotta click a link for a video and I don't think, I'm sure, America deserves better than illegals making us click on a video. Can we do better?
  • What are you gonna do about the submarine the Mexicans have to get across the Gulf of Mexico with anchor babies?
  • Why not bomb USA mosque?
  • Where does God put the sun when daytime goes away?
  • When you are elected will you pledge to do something about me not having a job because my car got took away for seven DUIs?
  • Obama gave five terrorists freedom for Beau Bergdahl and now Not-My-President wants the Taliban having surprise reunions with their families at our NFL football games instead of our troops and there aren't cheerleaders at football games anymore, so what can you do to stop Sharia Law from taking over our DMVs?
  • Thank you, what is the Bible difference between a dinosaur and a Dinosour?
  • Right now in America a lot of good people don't have jobs and the black thugs are making it so I couldn't get to work today because of Black Lives Matter, I wasn't at a bar drinking all morning, it was Black Lives Matter again, and what are you going to do about them? Thank you.

  • The garbage men won't pick up leaves if I put 'em in my trash can and they said I have to put them in special bags is this the Muslims? Can I use my second amendment on them?
  • On day one of your presidency will you free Subway Jared?
  • Mr. Trump, the middle class is getting hammered right now in this Obama economy, but can you tell me what Joshua Tree is? Like a guy? A place? A tree?
  • If you get into office what are you going to do to get the federal government to stop treating Juggalos as a terrorist group and can we ride in your helicopter at the next Gathering?
  • What is it going to take to bring back Simon & Simon and not the TV show the two men named Simon who used to go to school with me, how do I bring those guys back to here?
  • I saw this Ahmed kid making bombs in Texas and President Obama said he's going to give him a medal for his bomb because he could've been Obama's son, a Muslim terrorist and why did we let this Muslim kid have a NASA t-shirt? Can you promise me we're not gonna have Sharia law on Mars?

How will Trump answer these questions? With all the respect and dignity they deserve and so fast our heads will spin. Good luck, Donald!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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