Taylor Momsen On Tommy, Guns

Gossip Girl actress and all around fascinating person Taylor Momsen is on the cover of this month's Revolver - sporting guns! Woah, watch out!

Inside, the genuine bad girl sneers and dishes on naughty topics:

"If it's a good sex tape, I'll watch it...I like some adult stars. I have a couple favorites. But I will say this: That Tommy Lee/Pamela Anderson video wasn't very good. I wouldn't f*ck Tommy Lee."

She's only 17, that would be totally wrong!

Sorry if the cover scan of her wearing lingerie isn't large enough, we made it as big as we could but there's only so much space.

Taylor Momsen Gives Finger To Authority, People Without Leather Jackets

Eternally spunky and complicated Taylor Momsen flashed the middle finger to nearby cameras today.

"Screw authority!," she added while making the trek from the set of her television show to a swanky restaurant. "I hate dogcatchers! Homework suuucks! Stay out of our lives, NASA! Bleeeeh!"

Momsen emphasized this last point by sticking her tongue out. After walking away, she thought better of the admittedly tame move and instead crossed her eyes, placed her thumb against the tip of her nose, and waggled her fingers.

Taylor Momsen Standing Near Fellow Authentic Cool Person In Shades, Goatee, And Wallet Chain

Here we see Taylor Momsen taking a momentary break from being so worthy of our attention.

Minutes later, she conducted a provocative interview with Disorder magazine:

"I'm very sexual. I have a dildo and uhhh.." Momsen flashes her publicist a questioning look. "Blowjobs? Mouth kissing? Ovary system?" Her publicist gives a thumbs up, and Momsen beams with pride. "I can swear, too. Hell d*mn fart."

Will we ever tire of this amazingly mature young woman? I think not.

Taylor Momsen Stands Somewhere, Has Short Skirt

Once again, Taylor Momsen has riveted the world with her mesmerizing ways. While standing, the devilish tart posed and smiled for cameras.

Moments later, she explained that her actions were ironic and ruffled around her $3000 purse for eyeliner, intent on touching up her edgy and standoffish look.

Taylor Momsen Crosses Street

No confirmation on where Momsen was going, but our bet is on someplace as sassy and brooding and every bit as compelling as one of the actresses from a terrible show.

Taylor Momsen's Cleavage Can't Distract Us From How Long Her Legs Are

Before this goes live, insert a half-hearted joke about her to cover up the fact that at this point we are just obsessively posting every photo of Momsen that we can get our hands on.

Taylor Momsen Smoking Cigarettes - This Generation's James Dean?

Clad in black like a refugee from a version of the Matrix where no one is allowed to cover any portion of their thighs, Taylor Momsen was smoking a cigarette today like the rebel she is.

"I don't even care," quipped the world's most incredible young woman. "I'll probably just hold my pack of cigarettes and lighter conspicuously in every public appearance from now on to let people know how little I care about what they think about my smoking."

"Rules," she added, kicking the base of a stop sign with designer boots, "rules are for the weak. I push the limits. I have sex toys like a blow-up raft and fuzzy rearview mirror dice."

Taylor Momsen Takes Break From Acting To Look At Fame-Capturing Device With Disdain

There may be another actress just out of the frame of this picture, but try not to think about it. No one has that magical "it" factor like Taylor Momsen. Who can forget her many magical moments, like the time she was in that photo or when we posted a photo of her?

But don't think the attention has gone to her head.

"I'm still myself," said the most perfect human being in history. "I can't start worrying about how controversial my opinions are, like the fact that heavy metal rock is good, or that I am a sexual young woman with body parts. Deal with it."

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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