This week is Games Done Quick. It's easily one of my favorite times of the year, though it's hard to hate any event where a bunch of nerds make literal millions of dollars for charity. You can watch it nonstop over at Twitch or read a bunch of goons live post on the SA forums. That's where I'll be at least. Anyway, here's some of the most uplifting messages left by donators.

Aspiring game developer here with stage 12 cancer. Doc just informed me that I got less than seven minutes left to live. I don't even care! I am prepared to continue on as a martyr for your donations. My only regret is not being able to watch more JRPGs! Hype!

After 75 years, grandpa.exe (grandpa) got an error (cancer) in its boot drive (liver) and had to be uninstalled from earth (cremated.) He always hated my gaming and whenever I made forced computer analogies, but this donation is for my favorite piece of vaporware (him.)

I'm not able to watch this 4:00am speed run because I messed up and got a job and a loving fiancé and and two dogs and enough extra income to enjoy every day to the fullest. I hate life. Here's $4,000.

This event inspired me to sneak into the hospital to see what we're all saving with our donations. I'm currently sitting across from a dying cancer patient, and let me tell you it's not good. Bones visible through skin, bald, frail, a ropey, mucous filled cough. A painful remember of what it means to be mortal. Here's $6 to couch's choice.

My mother died of cancer last year, so in her memory, here's twenty dollars to this glacial paced run of an N64 title. Put it towards kill the animals!

A rich kid in my neighborhood had this game when I was growing up. He would invite me over every day after school and let me watch him play. I never once was allowed to give it a shot or even hold the controller. Thanks for bringing up these great memories!

The only thing that ended faster than this game was my best friend once he was diagnosed with a rare reptilian skin cancer! Hype!

Hype! Hyyype! haha Huy-yipe! Hype! ahahaha HYPhhhahAHAHAHHH HYPE!

– Ian "Salmon Season" Golding (@iggolding)

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