Hard times have resurrected the practice of buying products with layaway. Many budget shoppers have piled up the back rooms of Kmart hoping to afford gifts for family and friends, only to find themselves unable to keep up with payments or cover layaway fees. The spirit of giving has infested a few of the more fortunate, being called "Layaway Santas," who have anonymously reached out to pay for strangers' items on layaway at Kmart.

Once I got over the shock that Kmart still exists I decided to get to the bottom of this layaway largesse. After a few calls to local Kmarts, and those specifically mentioned in various media accounts of layaway charity, I have compiled a list of the top 50 items most frequently paid off by generous souls.

50. Hot Wheels Dinosaur Daycare Volcano Stunt Set

49. Halo: Bros

48. Snaboos Wild Fun PlaeBoard

47. The Adirondack - Excelsior Line Male Wig for Women

46. Carton of GPC Cigarettes

45. Skwunchemz Absorbent Pull-up Booty Shapers (12-24 months)

44. Stacks of horrid Taz shirts for fat people

43. One gallon bin of Acme dry-roasted peanut crumbs

42. DPRK 7" 180p Trina Tron Fat Screen TV

41. Mexican-American Girl Doll

40. The Mahogany - Excelsior Line Male Wig for Women

39. 64-pack of Tilda Stain "Remover" Stix

38. $10 Cracker Barrel Gift Card

37. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Soft-pack Beach Coolers

36. Skarim: Mighty Bosstone Man Plus 100 games on a Controller Sonly Wiii

35. Cat Sunglasses and Kerchief Double Pack

34. Jerry Seinfeld Bee Movie on VHS

33. 1984 Too Close for Comfort "Munroe" wall calendar now valid again in 2012 (includes "lost" male rape spread in February)

32. Real Live Sea Muskies (depicted as cartoon monkeys with stink lines, actually a type of bacteria)

31. Hotel Mario Wireless Arcade Controller for the Phillips CDi

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