Hi this is Terry again and since my last post here I have grown as an artist and as a man, but also some bad things happened in the way of my grandmother. It turns out she is now living with us!! But i’m getting ahead of myself. If you remember my story from last time I am a decorated online artist whos Grandmother has invaded my life and changed it for the worst by throwing away my anime and anime collectibles. Well she has taken it a step farther by selling my Xbox because she saw Dead or Alive Extreme Beach volleyball and said it was not a game for young men such as me, except she called it a "TAPE" instead of a game and I laughed at that and I think thats what made her the most mad. So she sold the whole system to my cousins with the game inside it. I am convinced She has a bad case of menopause. On Sunday she cut her finger on a soup can or something and now mom wants her to live here. I could hardly believe it myself.

Lucky for her and for my house I am not a violent person. I express my feelings with my art and let the negativity out into my keyboard and mouse and then into the computer. I used to show her all the art I made about her but that just started even more trouble and i find it's just easier for everyone if I don't always remind people how angry I am with them. It helps the world as a hole to turn negative energy into positive energy. Like if you were going to kick a filing cabinet really hard you could save the energy from that and work a mouse for 20 minutes with the same amount of energy and make something beautiful instead of a dent. That is where science and art meet.

By the way I made these wallpapers on different days but I am just uploading them now because they are Something awful exclusives never before seen until today right here. Also I don’t know if you noticed this but Deviant Art’s new web site design was apparently made by someone from another dimension because it has all the usability of a cactus in a bathroom.

worfpaper sorry by ~worfsonofmogh
August 11, 2006
This is kind of a different story than normal because it is apologizing instead of being angry. You see in mid August my aunt tried to get us to be friends and had me make a nice piece for grandma. I had this one half-finished on my computer for a little while and I thought about it for like 2 days but I couldnt think of anything nice to say at the bottom so I just apologized for something I did instead. Originally the dark clouds were going to be grandmas clutches coming at me from all sides with me being the bright young star thats going “ARRRHGHHHHHHH” and shoving it all away with energy but now I guess it’s just a meaningless picture thanks to them. Grandma apreciated it but the peace only lasted for a few days until she got a bee in her booty again.
My own rating: 92/100

worfpaper in 3d by ~worfsonofmogh
August 29, 2006
I made this for my name sake, Worf. He is a good man hands down because he knows when to fight but he also knows when to yell at someone or just look at them angryly. This is also my first adventure in the world of 3D!! I can't figure out how to take the rainbow out so don't look at that part and also I was in a hurry to finish this because we had 4 cans of beefaroni that were going to expire in 45 min. so i had to eat them. I am never eating a Chef Boyardi product ever again because the meat has these little bits of hard things every once in a wihle that are maybe teeth or ground up animal bones. Whoever the guy is who chops up the animals at Chef Boyardi probably has a skull for a head and doesn't go to church.
My own rating: 95/100

worfpaper constellation by ~worfsonofmogh
September 1, 2006
Here is a constellation named after her scooter that she uses to get around. She got it last year. Sometimes she likes to show my family how she can get around in tight spaces and turn around in the hallway but I think she just does that so she can go look in my room to see if there's anything to have a fit about. I got the idea for this when I was outside at night on a mission (long story) and there were some stars and I looked at them and their shapes. About the long story well I had reason to believe my neighbor was the recipient of my secretly sold Xbox (i didn't know my cousin had it yet). Anyhow it wasn't Xbox it was Maury Povich on the TV and my neighbor was asleep. Myth busted. And I found out he wears a toupee also so double myth busted.
My own rating: 97/100

worfpaper ULTRAVIOLENT LIGHT by ~worfsonofmogh
September 25, 2006
This was made when I was still feeling the heat from our first fight after her moving in. You know I supose part of the reason I escape to space in my art is because my grandma could never follow me there. She has very poor night vision and catarats. Its also a lot easier to draw a bunch of stars than like a tree or whatever and also you can't have a tree exploding for no reason it just wouldn't make sense. The day before this was made she rang the door bell and I thought it was going to be a pizza delivery and I opened the door and she instantly started yelling about my shorts being too long and didn't leave me alone until 9:30 PM. This is also a shout out to my uncle who died a while back. He had a hole in the wall of his garage and I was over there one time and I asked him how that happened and he said "Oh that well I PUNCHED IT" and I was like "Wow" and he tried to do it again but there was a stud in the wall so we just went inside. R.I.P. or should I say P.U.N.C.H.
My own rating: 100/100 “PERFECT?”

Last time I posted here a lot of people got a kick out of my wallpapers and I tried to add everyone to my friend list on my Deviant Art page but I got distracted by some guys jump starting my stepdad's car and I went to check that out and forgot to add the rest of everyone to my list so sorry. A lot of people wrote me and said they enjoyed my work so I hope you use and enjoy these wallpapers as well. I am very pleased so many art fans have been touched by my work and I hope you have a good day.


– Terry "worfsonofmogh" Taft (@fart)

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