Has the passion been fading from your relationship? Maybe it's time to try something new! Remind your partner that you love him or her with these fun and unique love coupons, guaranteed to add adventure to your romance.

Holder and partner will turn out the lights and have a cozy candlelit dinner. Both parties will share their deepest thoughts by the candle's flame, then cuddle on the couch and see what happens next.

Partner will join holder for a night of passionate sex in the room where the walls, floor and ceiling are giant mirrors. Infinite reflections will augur a love that will last until death, or longer.

Partner will painlessly remove holder's skull and perform a cleansing ritual, banishing evil spirits. Ritual will also protect holder's thoughts from the shadowkind.

Holder may enjoy unlimited use of the pleasure sphere for one day. They may use the sphere however they please, whether to live their most sensual fantasies, or visualize the violent death of their partner.

If holder is kidnapped by the shadowkind, partner will rescue them, even if it means entering the shadowkind's realm where time is architecture and death is just the beginning.

Holder is exempt from one household chore for one week. This excludes feeding the blood garden, which holder accepts is their responsibility, as the garden only craves their blood type.

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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