Back in Dec. 2014, published a list of "28 Internet Acronyms Every Parent Should Know," shedding some light on hot new teen-only text-slang terms such as "420" (marijuana) and "PRON" (porn). But it's been a month since that story ran, which, given the fast and frantic pace of Internet culture, means these acronyms are now wildly outdated! Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka, who's not only SA's founder but also a PWKIA (Parent Who Knows Internet Acronyms), posted an addendum to the CNN article, and the Forum Goons kept the updates rolling! Thanks to Scrub Lover for the illustrations!


WTNB - Where's the nearest Bog?
MU@B - Meet You at the Bog
SBLFF - Sup Babe, Lets Fuck Frogs
W2HSODL - Want to Have Sex Or Do Laundry?
IFURN - I'm Fucking You Right Now
IFUIAB - I'm Fucking You In a Bog
S4ACIURI - Sorry For All the Cum In Your Eye
IUCRTTIWEC - If You Can Read This Then It Wasn't Enough Cum
TWCIB,SH - Touched Witch's Cauldron In Bog, Send Help
POTSTLUCA - Put On the Sunglasses, They Let You See Aliens
GCFSIBCM@D&B - Got Caught Fucking Scarecrow In Bog, Cant Meet at Dave and Busters


sgibft - strange guy in bog furiously texting


BGO - Bog


BOG- Bog Of Grease

Mammon Loves You

KWIMUA4CAA - Kelly Wallace is making up acronyms for CNN article again


CPUTR - Currently Puttin' On The Ritz

garbage day

THOUGHT: A variation on THOT, this also means That Ho Over There, but with an 'ugh' interjection signifying that this particular ho is especially unpleasant.

Stex T

9 - Parent Watching
99 - Parent Gone
999 - Parent is Herman Cain


TIWAABIW3KIT - Thought It Was An Adult, But It Was 3 Kids In a Trenchcoat 


TTWACBIACHH - Thought This Was a Church But Its a Cannibal Hell Hole


MBIB- my baby isnt breathing

Scrub Lover

HOTH - hand over that hog
YODA - your old dog's ass
DARTH - driving a really tiny honda

BOBA - being old blows, aaarggh
STARWARS - star trek: a really wild and radical show


BANG - building a new golem
LAT/LON - lesbianing at the lesbians only nightclub

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