Do you like movies that feature Marvel characters? I hope you like them. A lot. As in, "I could watch several every year until at least 2028," because a new Businessweek article reveals that Marvel has indeed mapped out their movie plans for the next fourteen years.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Ghost Rider Is... My Babysitter?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

X-Men: Days Of Future Past



Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Movi- Hey, Come Back Here!

X-Men: Origins: Wolverine: Uprising: Secret Project: Wolverine


Batman (unauthorized)

Captain America Saves Christmas

Fantastic Four (reboot starring Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider, and Kevin James)

The Amazing Spider-Man 3


Au Revoir, Le Wolverine (black and white w/ subtitles)

Iceman And The Beast's Horndog College Road Trip

The Avengers In: Anyone Need Help? You Sure? Well, Let Us Know If Any Bad Guys Show Up

X-Men React To Teen Reactions To Terrible YouTube Videos


Deadpool And She-Hulk Wish For Different Bodies At The Exact Same Time

Doctor Doom (a cgi animated retelling of Air Bud)

The Amazing Spider-Man 4

Thor: Rise Of The Whatevers


Doctor Strange: From Big City Wizard To Small Town Lawyer

Mole Man in action, trying to remember why he existsMole Man Gets A Movie Before Captain Marvel Or Spider-Woman

Punisher: Let's Try This Again

Silver Surfings (indie film about the Silver Surfer trying to live up to his dead brother, the Gold Surfer)


Luke Cage Smacks Villains With His Belt For An Hour And A Half And It's Glorious

The Amazing Spider-Man 5

The Avengers: Sorry, Thought We Heard Someone Calling For Us

Untitled Fin Fang Foom found footage project


Doctor Doom 2 (stop-motion animation retelling of the first movie)

Iron Man 4: Oh No My Suit Is Repeating Everything I Say

The Man Behind The Bugle (the J. Jonah Jameson story, directed by David Fincher)

X-Men: Did Somebody Say "Pizza"???


Captain America Can't Stop Sneezing

The Amazing Spider-Man 6

The Incredible Hulk Becomes A Film Critic


The Amazing Spider-Man 7

Wolverine Returns With Weird Tanlines


The Amazing Spider-Man 8

The Amazing Spider-Man 9

The Amazing Spider-Man 10

X-Men: Divided We Fall, Together We Can Win This Potato Sack Race


Captain America: Defender Of Harem Animes

The Amazing Spider-Man 11

The Amazing Spider-Man 12

The Amazing Spider-Man 13


Ghost Rider Trades His Motorcycle For A Sweet Office Chair With Wheels

The Amazing Spider-Man 14

The Amazing Spider-Man 15

The Amazing Spider-Man 16


The Amazing Spider-Man 17

The Amazing Spider-Man 18

The Amazing Spider-Man 19


Marvel Zombies: Part 1 Of 28

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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