Starting a company is difficult for anyone - doubly so if you happen to be a monster. Make the most of your unique situation with a witty business name that will be sure to catch any customer's eye.

Clever Names for a Coffee Shop Owned by a Vampire

- Central Perk

- Cuppa Cabana

- Brew Sensation

- Jerry's Coffee (if the vampire is named Jerry)"You mocha me crazy! Hahaha!"

- It's Bean Fun

- Common Grounds

A Mummy's Dentist Office

- Tooth or Dare

- There's Molar Where That Came From

- Cathleen's Dentistry (if the mummy is named Cathleen)

- Bicuspid Curious

- You Know the Drill

- No Big Floss

A Tool Shop Owned by a Wolfman

- Tools of the Trade

- Mike's Tools (if the wolfman is named Mike)

- Let's Get Hammered

- Pipe Dream

- Nailed It

- Duct Tape Dynasty

A Zombie-Owned Book Store

- Novel Idea

- Shelf Indulgence

- Bound to Please

- Cassandra's Book Shop (if the zombie is named Cassandra)

- Writ & Wisdom

A Pizzeria Owned by the Creature from the Black Lagoon

- Mario's Pizza (if the creature from the Black Lagoon is named Mario)

- Slice of Heaven

- Say Cheese

- Live and Let Pie

- Dough! (above an illegal depiction of Homer from The Simpsons)

A Monster Supply Store Owned by Frankenstein's Monster

- Very Nice Monster Supplies (if the shop and/or its supplies are very nice)

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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