I wrote book about 101 phraces in office. These help. I expert on financial and business issue. Motivationer. Need proof? Book number one on amazon for eighteen weeks in business advice book and newyorkertimes best seller list for nine weeks. Some take from me column in Wall Street Journal. Also do piece for FINANCIAL TIIMIKMMeS. How about those creditials? Hello.

Communicate proper is a vital skill in workplace. Every years a certain number of people who are really smart and just can't talk right get themselves in a mess while guys who maybe don't know everything but can talk good are promoting to the top. Results base. If you want to get ahead in business learning how to talk to coworker and boss should be top priority.

I not gonna put all 101 phraces here because I want you buy my book but here is some of them that I think might just help out. These are key.

“Boss I done it.”

To be used: When boss asks if you done it, if anybody done it, if it is done.
What to expect: “Congratulations, I glad you done it.”

“That baby...dammit he in here again.”

To be used: When the baby you shooed away come back or build a nest. If you think you see a baby but it is a woman bending over or crouching.
What to expect: “Ahhhh! POLICE! Hello, police, baby is in here. BABY!”

“It went up! Alright!”

To be used: During a profit. If a bar go up on a graph. Put it up there with the line (jagged line) go up into black or green. CNBC say a thing and Kudlow yell.
What to expect: “WWOOOOOOO! YES! Fuck yes! Hell yeah! Alright! Money!”


To be used: At a margin, in referring to a margin. Bigger is better unless it is reverse margin.
What to expect: “That is the margin.”

“Here buy this CDPDO (or something).”

To be used: When a stack of things are in another thing and you want to get rid of it.
What to expect:
“Hey, good idea. I’ll buy that. What a pricccccce!!!”

“Mark to markers top rated insurer industry ratings.”

To be used: At any time. If you hear someone say a thing about mark to markers or insurer or rating.
What to expect: “Good point, Bill Thompson (or a similar good name).”


To be used: When a stock is about or a bond or traders. If you see a red letters on bloomberg. If you see a man yell on cnbc.
What to expect: “Ahhhhh that dowjones. It did it again. Numbers.”
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