Holy Shrine of Journey, submitted by Steve Perry.Few bands come close the epic status of rock superstars Journey. Through blood, sweat, and tears, they have created a foundation for for a musical empire, as well as suppling middle school dances with the best rock ballads. The Holy Shrine of Journey is a place where the most hardcore fans can rejoice over this god-like band. Unfortunately when you visit the site you are greeted with this message:

Yes, it's taking a very long time, and I apologize. Life is what happens blah blah blah. The HSOJ is still undergoing a full renovation with a new interface, and will be back up soon, with new pictures, wallpapers & art. The Tales area is still up, with all the Journey fanfic. Happy Journeying!

What terrible news! But don't fret my little ones, the best part of the site is still here. The Journey fan fiction.

Steve Perry attacks goblin for 2 dmg!

That's right, there is Journey fan fiction! It's really awesome too. In the first tale "The Severed Earth", Steve wakes up in a strange land, bloody and smelling of vomit. He soon meets his band mates Jonathan and Neal, and learns that Smitty of dead, but doesn't seem to really care. It turned out they they met a chick groupie backstage after they show and she kicked their ass and transported them into a magical land of kings and wizards! Most of this story is them just infighting and riding horses but you get the point. These stories are really long and once and a while the author is a jerk and wants you to e-mail him for the ending, probably in exchange for sex. But once you get hooked on these magical adventures of Journey, the price might just be worth it. Enjoy!

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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