The Bees

[Indistinct dock sounds slowly growing louder]

[Ship's foghorn]

Child: "Look at the boat, mommy. Like the one daddy took to war."

Not every seed can grow into a man,
said the teacher and the band,
to children with their minds shut,
and to coffins planted in the sand.

Maggie sends bees off,
to drown for the union jack,
between the flower fields,
and uterus,
ten million fathers won't be coming back.

[Indistinct yelling and cash register sounds]

A bee loves a girl very much,
and the pigs might say he can't,
before that standard issue kicks his door,
he gets to know her even more,
he could also do it with a whore.

[Evil Roger Waters voice through megaphone]

"For the crime of intercourse you are found guilty and sentenced to a lifetime in the lower class and a finish on the dole!"

Woman has a pudding,
Man has a stick,
which, uh, we won't talk about much,
and fix our eyes upon the wall,
and wish that this were anywhere else at all.

Daughters are not worth considering,
until they are moms,
which are bad at raising sons,
who lost their fathers to the guns,
I mean my father specifically.

Behind our wall in our beds,
imprisoned in our heads,
we'll think of Maggie,
and all the possible futures,
now stashed in tombs,
and wanked into a hundred paper wombs.

[Heartbeat, baby crying sounds]

I wish I could help you,
I truly do,
but if you need to know more,
try knocking on the door,
of a kindly doctor who only exists,
in a dream that won't come true.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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