1. The Matrix - Hard Coded Gibberish Subtitles, 100% Complete Nonsense Words.wmv

2. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut - Shaky Cam, No Audio, Enormous DIVX Watermark.rm

3. Fight (130x20p)

4. Sixth Sense - Quicktime Trailer Cracked to Show Full Movie This Is Very Real.qt

5. Star Wars Phantom Menace - All Audio Converted to MIDI.txt


1. Unreal Tournament vs Quake 3.bin.cue (A texture pack for Blood 2)

2. Dreamcast Game Collection - Every Single Dreamcast Game.pkzip (A gallery of covers that ripple like water when you move the mouse across them)

3. System Shock 2 Ripped Ultra Tiny Install.exe (No foreign languages, no audio, no textures, no lighting)

4. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver w/ Nude Lara Croft Patch.rar

5. EverQuest - Cracked, Works Perfectly.bat (Can't connect to the game's login server, but if you enter the username WAREZLORD and the password GREETZ the wizard lady loading screen will be displayed until you force quit the application)


1. It Really Whips the Llama's Ass by Winamp - Lossless, For True Audiophiles.aiff (496 MB)

2. Gin & Juice cover by Phish (actually by System of a Down) (actually Ben Folds).mp3 (Actually the original by Snoop Doggy Dogg)

3. Southtown by P.O.D. With a Parakeet Shrieking In the Background.wav

4. All About the Pentiums by Weird Al.rm (mono, radio edit, missing the part where Weird Al says "Pentiums")

5. All About the Pentiums (Explicit) + Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack Megamix.m3u


1. Photoshop - With Keygen and Auto-Uninstaller That Removes Photoshop Immediately After Installation.7z

2. Limewire Pro Enterprise Edition Cracked - Perfect for Businesses Fully Legit Includes Elf Bowling.executable

3. Windows ME Beta Build - Ultimate Version, Bundled With 3,000 Custom IRC Scripts.ini (Every script changes "Slaps X with a trout" to a different fish)

4. Anna Kournikova High Quality Wallpaper Studio - Over 50 Images of Tennis (1MB)

5. .html to .iso converter - take any webpage with you on a cd-rom.rar


1-3. South Park Seasons 1-3 COMPLETE.par (Every file is a renamed copy of the first episode)

4. Lexx.wmv (A ten-second loop of that scene where Sarah Michelle Gellar kisses Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions)

5. Sopranos s01e01 VHSRIP.cue (316 files)


1. Every important poem ever written - no line breaks, word wrap disabled.txt

2. Make a REAL Bomb With Everyday Cleaning Supplies and Pass the SATs.pdf

3. What the Illuminati Doesn't Want You to Know About Situps.word

4. Get Free Long Distance Calls and Internet Access by Screaming Into a Phone at the Perfect Frequency.rtf

5. 1,000,000 WORKING Stolen Credit Card Numbers and Porn Site Passwords - Just Finish Our 3-Step Process on a Russian Geocities Pop-Up Labyrinth and Send Us a Scan of Your Driver's License to Get This File's Password.html (also available in .iso)

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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